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Chapter 8 Review Sheet Reading Assignment: Students should read Chapter 8. Section 1: Definitions Students should be able to define the following terms (Where appropriate, include illustrations and/or a description of what conditions, hormones, and enzymes engage the given process): 1. Aerobic power 2. Anaerobic power 3. Periodization 4. Mesocycle 5. Microcycle 6. Isometric training 7. Isokinetic training 8. Muscular strength 9. Muscular power 10. Muscular endurance 11. Hypertrophy 12. Variable Resistance Training Section 2: Short Answers Describe the different training principles (e.g., principle of individuality). 13. What kind of specific exercise activities would you have a 100-m hurdler perform during practice? 14. When designing an exercise program what order should the exercises be performed? 15. Explain the S.A.I.D. Principle, and how one would apply it when training a soccer player. 16.
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