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12b_Ch.9_10_Review_Sheet - aerobic training 8 Explain the...

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Chapters 9 and 10 Review Sheet Reading Assignment: Students should read Chapters 9 and 10. Section 1: Definitions Students should be able to define the following terms (Where appropriate, include illustrations and/or a description of what conditions, hormones, and enzymes engage the given process): 1. Autogenic inhibition 2. Chronic hypertrophy 3. Fiber hyperplasia 4. Fiber hypertrophy 5. Transient hypertrophy Section 2: Short Answers 6. What happens to autogenic inhibition with resistive training? 7. Explain the cardiovascular adaption that lead to an increase in stroke volume as a result of
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Unformatted text preview: aerobic training. 8. Explain the physiological adaptations affect resting heart rate as a result of aerobic training. 9. Which type of muscle fibers can be altered? What type of training will bring about these adaptations? 10. Why does heart size increase with endurance training? 11. Describe the net increase in muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise. 12. What has the greatest effect on maximal cardiac during exercise?...
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