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PE, PFW Excused Absence Form Section 1: Instructions This form should only be submitted for excused absences that students have written verification of (i.e. doctor’s note, death in the family and Texas State excused absences such as athlete travel for the correct date/s). Check with the instructor to be sure the absence is valid and a make-up will be allowed. Students must submit this completed form after they have completed the make- up class. Please staple necessary documentation behind this form. Section 2: Student Student’s Name (clearly print)_________________________________________ Course Name ____________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Course Instructor___________________________ Course Time _____________________________ Circle: Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday Section 3: Absence Date Absent _________________ Date Submitting Documentation ____________ Reason For Absence ________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________ ________ Section 4: Make Up Date of Make-Up:____________________ Course Name and Time (of make-up)____________________________________ Instructor Signature (of make-up course)_________________________________ Recorded_________...
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Excused_Absence_Form - Course...

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