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Peer+Evaluation+Form - Communication Communicates clearly...

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Peer Evaluation Form Criteria Filled out by: Member 1 Put their name here. Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 5 Self 1 Quality of Technical Work: Work is correct, clear, complete, and relevant to the problem. 2 Commitment to Team / Project: Prepared. Ready to work. Dependable, faithful, reliable. Helps out with project. 3 Leadership: Takes initiative, makes suggestions, provides focus. Creative? Energetic? Brings energy and excitement to the team. Has a “can do” attitude. Sparks creativity in others. 4 Responsibility: Gladly accepts work and gets it done. Spirit of excellence. 5 Has abilities the team needs. Makes the most of these abilities. Gives fully, doesn’t hold back. 6
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Unformatted text preview: Communication: Communicates clearly when he/she speaks and when she/he writes. Understands the team’s direction. 7 Personality. Positive attitudes, encourages others. Seeks consensus. Fun to deal with. Brings out best in others. Peacemaker. Pours water, not gasoline on fires. Average grade Grading scale: 5 – Always, 4 – Most of the time, 3 – Sometimes, 2 – Rarely, 1 – Never Keep in mind that if you award high scores to everyone, regardless of their contribution, team members who have worked unduly hard or provided extraordinary leadership will go unrecognized, as will those at the other end of the scale who need your corrective feedback....
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