Sample_LP_1_ - Lesson Plan Name Sarah Nielsen Subject Heart...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson Plan Name: Sarah Nielsen Subject: Heart Rate Monitors & Basketball Date: October 11, 2009 # of Students: 26 Time: 75 minutes • Heart Rate Monitors:30 minutes o Intro:10 minutes o Instruction: 20 minutes • Warm-up & Basketball Activity: 40 minutes o Dribbling Beanbag Transfer: 10 minutes o No Basket-No Dribble Basketball: 20 minutes o Cool Down: 10 minutes • Closure-5 minutes Age Group: Middle School P.E.-Beginners & Advanced using Heart Rate Monitors Equipment & Facilities: Classroom, heart rate monitors, PDA, HRM CD, Indoor activity area with basketball goals, 26 beanbags, 13 hula hoops, 13 basketballs, music if desired Objectives: Students will be able to- • Perform basic functions with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor while using it during activity: start, record a file, stop a file, and review a file. • Compare differences in heart rate as related to the various basketball activities; note why they varied, connecting health-related fitness components. • Work on dribbling control, while looking up and moving safely around space. • Work on effectively using passing to move the ball around and open up scoring opportunities. • Have fun while playing basketball. Introduction: 5-10 minutes • As students enter the class, have them grab their HRM. • Using the Polar Heart Rate Monitors: o Why use Heart Rate Monitors?...
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Sample_LP_1_ - Lesson Plan Name Sarah Nielsen Subject Heart...

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