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Grade+Sheet-Binder - Intake Chapter 3 Tests of Anaerobic...

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Name: ____________________ Grade Sheet Place this grade sheet (LOOSE – DO NOT SECURE) in the front of your lab manual. Instructions: To expedite the grading process and insure a good grade, make sure that your lab manual: 1. Is secured in a 3-ring binder (I have some available in my office if you need one). 2. Contains everything included on the “Table of Contents” and in that particularly order. 3. And is divided by sections with clearly labeled tabs. Note: grayed out areas = not applicable Unit Lab Text PPT Activities Additional Material FolderInstructions/Grade Sheet Front Page Table of Contents Syllabus Chapter 1: Pre-participation Screening and Informed Consent Chapter 2: Nutritionand Estimation of Total Daily Energy
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Unformatted text preview: Intake Chapter 3: Tests of Anaerobic Power and Capacity Chapter 4: Measurement of Human Energy Expenditure: Indirect Calorimetry Chapter 5: Measurement and Estimation of Energy Expenditure Chapter 6: Mechanical Efficiency and Movement Economy Chapter 8: Pulmonary Function Chapter 9: Measurement of Maximal Oxygen Consumption Chapter 10: Prediction of Maximal Oxygen Consumption from Submaximal Tests Chapter 11: Evaluating Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Muscular Flexibility Chapter 12: Evaluating Body Size and Composition Information presented in order Dividers are used Dividers are clearly labeled with tabs Papers are hole-punched Papers are fastened into folder Grade: ______...
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