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Chapter 12 - o Internal it’s my fault o Stable it’s...

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Chapter 12 – Stress and Health Health Psychology : Study of the links between psychological factors and physical health and illness Sources of Stress Source effects on body coping processes health OR illness Stress: an aversive state of arousal triggered by the perception that an event threatens the ability to cope effectively Although stressful events have effects on the body, the way people cope can promote health or illness Catastrophes o Posttraumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) – an anxiety disorder triggered by an extremely stressful event, such as combat Microstressors – most significant sources of stress Physiological Effects of Stress General Adaption Syndrome o Phase 1: alarm o Phase 2: resistance o Phase 3: exhaustion Factors influencing GAS o Personality, Experience, Developmental course, Predictability, Control Stress-and-Coping Process Explanatory Style Depressive: When a bad event happens, you make these attributions:
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Unformatted text preview: o Internal: it’s my fault o Stable: it’s going to last o Global: it affects all parts of my life • Optimistic o External: it’s something in my situation o Unstable: it’s going to be over soon o Specific: it only affects a small part of my life Benefits of Optimistic Explanatory Style • Perceive world has fewer hassles • Richer social support • Believe good health can be controlled • Increased healthy practices • Don’t get sick as much • Live longer Immune System Pathways from stress to illness How can you cope? • Proactive coping: positively-focused striving for goals (diff from book) • Emotion-focused coping: coping strategy features a positive outlook on feeling or situations accompanied by behaviors that reduce negative emotions • Problem-focused coping: coping strategies by which we tackle life’s strategies head on...
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Chapter 12 - o Internal it’s my fault o Stable it’s...

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