26 - Reggae & Funk - o Key funk musician in the...

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26 – Reggae / Funk Reggae musical genre that develops in Jamaica in the context of independence movement (1962) draws on Afro-Caribbean music and American R&B o backbeat (rhythm guitar chops on beats 2 and 4) o heavy emphasis on beat 3 o relaxed groove, slower tempo o toasting / chanting o lyrics: political themes as well as love songs Bob Marley (1945-1981) Jamaican reggae singer, guitarist, activist, international superstar o “peace, music, love, and liberty” Rastafari Movement o Haile Selassie o Marijuana as a sacrament The Wailers (feat. Bob Marley) “Get Up, Stand Up” (1974) Funk (Musical characteristics) Percussive, choppy (placement of instruments), syncopated Repetitive, cyclic, riff-dominated Groove-oriented (persistent, channeled, rhythmic flow) o Constructed out of very short, sharp building blocks James Brown George Clinton (b.1941) Dr. funkenstein
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Unformatted text preview: o Key funk musician in the 1970s o Leader of Parliament/Funkadelic collective The Mothership would come down during a concert and people would come out to create an alternative universe One Nation Under a Groove Parliament/Funkadelic Tear the Roof off the Sucker (Give up the Funk) (1978) o 10 min tune with little lyrics o Very repetitive o Positive message about the joy of funk Stevie Wonder (b.1950) Singer, composer, producer, multi-instrumental Signs with Motown at age 11 Blends jazz, funk, gospel, rock, electronics and more Superstition (1972) o Self-produced & composed o Funk rhythmic groove o Additive composition Percussion, bass & clavinet, rhythmic guitar, voice, horns All combined to form the groove/riff o When you believe powerful harmonic change...
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26 - Reggae & Funk - o Key funk musician in the...

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