22 - Counterculture II - o Originally composed by Big Mama...

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22 – Counterculture II Sly Stone San Francisco Bay Area DJ, composer, producer, singer 1966 – forms The Stones 1967 – forms The Family Stone Racial and gender integration “Everyday People” (1968) o Optimistic message o Appropriately “simple” music Two repeated piano chords underline entire song Many different solo voices (and group) are heard Janis Joplin (1943-1970) Blues-drenched rock-and-roll singer o Folk/country/blues influences Small town Texas / San Francisco Joins Big Brother and the Holding Company then goes solo Extremely powerful voice o Raspy, flexible, overdriven o “I’d rather be good sometimes than holding back all the time” Icon of female liberation o Hippie fashion/style o Assertive, flamboyant “Ball and Chain” (1967) o Live, improvisatory psychedelic blues Stop-time riffs Over-the-top, emotive vocals
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Unformatted text preview: o Originally composed by Big Mama Thornton o Recorded at Monterey Pop Festival (1967) First huge rock festival Jimi Hendrix (1942 – 1970) • Singer, composer, virtuoso electric guitarist • Seattle/Nashville/London • Proactive stage performer • Technique: o Left-handed, huge hands Turns guitar upside down Easy access to knobs/levers o Feedback, distortion, noise, dissonance o Powerful amplifiers o Studio effects o Continuous improvisation, exploration • “The Star Spangled Banner” (1969) o Closing act at Woodstock Music & Art Fair (1969) o Often read as anti-war anthem Distortion, explosions, screams (though Hendrix himself did not promote this interpretation) • Legacy o Dies of drug overdose in 1970 at age 27 o Huge backlog of tracks released posthumously o Experience Music Project...
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22 - Counterculture II - o Originally composed by Big Mama...

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