2 Musical Terms - Melody – combines pitch and rhythm an organized sequence of pitches can be vocal or instrumental Harmony relationship of

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2 - Musical Terminology Song – a composition that sets words to music Instrumental – a musical composition without words Pitch – the frequency of a sound, the sense of a sound being low or high Dynamics – very soft -------> very loud, the strength/amplitude of a sound Tone Color / Timbre – the distinct soundprint of an instrument, voice, or performer Rhythm – the relation between sounds in time, a category separate from pitch duration – short, medium, long) beat – a regular recurring unit accent – emphasizing a beat Tempo – the speed of beats, how fast the beats are arriving
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Unformatted text preview: Melody – combines pitch and rhythm, an organized sequence of pitches, can be vocal or instrumental Harmony - relationship of simultaneous pitches to one another, vertical relationship of pitches ◦ Chord - grouping of simultaneous pitches Form – arrangement or organization of musical elements, a specific & typical pattern (such as the 12 bar blues) Genre – general/wide categorization of music (punk, reggae, grunge, etc.), sometimes related to musical style; sometimes related to other factors...
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