Syllabus-W12 - PHYS 114 B General Physics I W inter 2012...

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PHYS 114 B ● General Physics I ● Winter 2012 Syllabus, Grading Policy, etc. .. Class description : Welcome to PHYS 114 , the first in a three-quarter sequence of algebra-based introductory physics courses. This class offers an introduction to mechanics. Topics include kinematics, Newton's laws, work and energy, conservation of energy and momentum, rotations, torque, angular momentum, and gravitation. Following this course and doing reasonably well in it, students should expect to be able to obtain the foundations on which much of everyday phenomena, energy problems, and biological systems operate. The text contains a large number of applications to these practical problems of humanity. Students will build up conceptual background and develop basic skills necessary for a successful completion of the other two parts of physics covered in PHYS 115 (heat and electromagnetism) and PHYS 116 (sound, light, and modern physics). Prerequisites : Algebra and elements of right-triangle trigonometry will be used frequently. If rusty, see math appendix in text. NOTE : Concurrent enrollment in the Lab class, Phys 117, is optional and recommended . Homework: online homework (WebAssign) and pre-class questions will be due as announced in class schedule Required course textbooks: Lecture: Physics , volume 1, by James S. Walker, 2 nd custom edition for the University of Washington (taken from Physics , by James S. Walker, 4 th edition, 2010, Pearson Education, Inc.). Recommended additional readings: Physics : Principles with Applications by Douglas C. Giancoli, Pearson Prentice Hall; 6 th edition, 2009 Physics 8e th edition, 2009 College Physics: A Strategic Approach by Knight/Jones/Field, Addison Wesley; 2 nd edition, 2009 Lecture Instructor's Comments I expect you to read the material that will be covered in class ahead of time. To encourage you to do this,
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This note was uploaded on 01/20/2012 for the course PHYSICS 114b taught by Professor Victorpolinger during the Winter '12 term at University of Washington.

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Syllabus-W12 - PHYS 114 B General Physics I W inter 2012...

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