122 Syllabus - 122 Syllabus

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Syllabus: PHYS 122 A, Winter 2012 Lecture Instructor: Prof. Daryl Pedigo e-mail: rdp3@uw.edu Office: PAB C138 Phone: (206) 543-4983 Tutorial Instructor: Prof. Peter Shaffer shaffer@phys.washington.edu PHYS 122 Lab Instructor: Prof. Jens Gundlach gundlach@uw.edu Course WWW: http://courses.washington.edu/pedigo/phys122win12/ Prof. Pedigo's Office Hours in the Study Center: To Be Announced. Also available by appointment in my office. Lecture Hall: Section A: room A102, Section D: room A118, both in the auditorium wing of the Physics and Astronomy Building. Lecture schedule: section A = MWF 9:30- 10:20, Section D = MWF 11:30-12:20. Holidays: Monday January 16, Monday February 20. See Schedule below for more information Course Texts: Tipler, "Physics for Scientists and Engineers", 6th edition; McDermott and Shaffer "Tutorials in Introductory Physics"; PHYS 122 Lab Manual. NOTE: Concurrent enrollment in 122 Lab and tutorial is mandatory WebAssign Homework will be due as announced. Tentative Weekly Course Schedule: {Note: Zero canceled lecture days during this short qurter.} The schedule for Phys 122 A & D is available here: Phys 122_Schedule This will be followed as closely as possible, and changes will be announced as necessary. Lecture Instructor's Comments Welcome to PHYS 122, the second of a three-quarter sequence of introductory physics courses for physics and engineering majors. You should find this course challenging and stimulating, though perhaps it will not fit your preconceptions of what a university physics course should be. I hope that you also find it to be interesting and enjoyable. Have a great quarter! Lecture sections A, C and D will use the Pre-lectures and Checkpoints from SmartPhysics. Access cards can be purchased at the bookstore or online (bookstore is a better deal this winter). The course design is a cooperative effort of many faculty, each of whom is deeply concerned with providing the most effective learning experience for every student. Each element of the course (lecture, lab and tutorial) is essential to your mastery of physics. The three elements are 122 Syllabus http://courses.washington.edu/pedigo/phys122win12/122AsyllWin12.html 1/20/2012 1:14 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( http://www.novapdf.com )
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carefully coordinated, but are not necessarily synchronized. Research has shown that presenting material in cycles, so that the same topic is approached more than once from different viewpoints, is a very effective means of encouraging deeper understanding and long-term retention of ideas. You are strongly encouraged to visit with me and/or my TA regularly during office hours, by appointment, by e-mail, by phone, etc. Get used to the idea of seeing the Professor outside of class during the quarter; it will pay off for you in many ways as the years go by! This will not happen unless YOU take the initiative, and now is a great time to start.
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122 Syllabus - 122 Syllabus

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