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122A+DGradingAllocation - PHYS 122 A D Grading Allocation...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 122 A + D Grading Allocation: Winter 2012 Grades are assigned by comparing your scores to those of the other students. We will use a 1000 point grading system Midterms (best 2 of 3) Final Exam Lab Section Tutorial Section Lecture Homework PreLecture / Checkpoints Participation (Clickers, Surveys) 320 240 140 100 90 60 50 Exam Composition: Midterms (100 points): ~72% lecture, ~8% lab, ~20% tutorial Final exam (150 points): ~57% lecture, ~17% lab, ~27% tutorial The exact percentages will vary. There will be a page of Lab‐related questions on one Midterm Exam and on the Final Exam. There will be one page of tutorial questions on each midterm, and two on the Final Exam. Tutorial pages and lab pages will usually be worth 20‐25 points. All other questions will be from Lecture or Homework. Any of these questions may be either multiple choice or hand‐graded. Normally 55% of each Midterm will be in the form of multiple‐choice questions. The Final Exam is entirely multiple choice. There are no makeup exams, but the lowest midterm exam score is dropped. Labs: See link to Labs Tutorials: See link to Tutorials Lecture Homework: See link to Homework Credit PreLecture / Checkpoints: See link to PreLecture/Checkpoint Credit Clicker questions and Surveys Clicker questions in Lecture each count 2 points for a correct answer and 1 point for any other answer. The final clicker grade will be based on 75% of the available points. For example, if we ask 100 Clicker questions over the quarter, you could get 200 points if you got them all right. But, the grade will be truncated at 75% of that score, so 150 points = 100% credit. Many of you will receive maximum credit here. There is no way to make up for missed questions, forgotten or lost clickers, or bad batteries. About 8 Surveys will be posted on the Course Web Page at various times beginning in late September. Completion of a Survey counts 10 points. You can miss one Survey and still receive 100% credit. Survey points are added to the truncated clicker scores to create a total score for Participation. ...
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