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PHYS 12 2 A+ D PreLecture/Checkpoint Credit: Winter 201 2 All PHYS 12 2 sections use the SmartPhysics PreLecture/Checkpoint system. A PreLecture lesson and an accompanying Checkpoint lesson are typically due a few hours before each lecture session (2 2 out of 28 lecture days). These are graded on completion, not on correctness, because honest answers and explanations are more important than correctness when new topics are introduced. Each PreLecture counts 5 points, and each Checkpoint lesson also counts 5 points. Answering fewer than all questions earns you fewer points. These assignments are due before class so that the Professor will know the state of knowledge of the students before lecturing on each topic. There is no credit for late work on these assignments, and there are no make-up assignments other than the one Sunday assignment, which can replace any other missed day’s work. However, scores are truncated at just about 82 % of the maximum possible value, so (0. 818
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Unformatted text preview: x 2 2 x 10) = 1 80 points = 100% credit. Included with the SmartPhysics PreLectures and Checkpoints you will find another set of assignments called “Homework”. These are entirely optional problems related to the PreLecture topics. They are scored by the SmartPhysics system, but they are worth zero points and do not count in any way toward your grade. Some students ask for additional practice, and that is the purpose of these exercises. The Homework is due at 1 pm on the night that the Prelecture is due. Because they are worth zero points, these problems can be done later with no penalty, perhaps as review for an exam… Each Prelecture, Checkpoint and Homework assignment will become available on SmartPhysics one week before it is due, so you can work on these at any time during that week (up to the deadline). You can logoff and logon and the system will keep track of your work, so the assignments need not be completed in a single session....
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