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Clickers2011-12 - is at TOP of this picture If the front...

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Clickers for Physics Courses University of Washington 2011-2012 The physics department uses a brand of clickers that differs from other clickers used on campus. ALL introductory physics courses whose instructors use clickers (student response systems designed to collect student answers to questions asked during class) use the H-ITT system. ONLY radio frequency (RF) clickers manufactured by H-ITT will work in our lecture halls. The older infrared models will no longer function. The clicker you purchase for ANY PHYSICS COURSE must have “H - ITT” printed or stamped on it, and must be a RF model (number TX3100 is standard, but other radio frequency models work as well) Model TX3100, shown to the left, is sold at the university bookstore or online from the vendor: http://h-itt.com . Previous models that are neon yellow, orange or green will work ONLY if they are radio frequency models. This can be determined by examining the front end of the clicker FRONT
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Unformatted text preview: is at TOP of this picture If the front end has 3 LEDs (small bulbs) protruding slightly from 3 holes, it is an infrared device and will not work . If the front end is smooth, with a flat black plastic insert covering the three holes, it is a radio frequency device and it will work! Setting the Channel This must be done in the lecture hall, not at home. (1) Hold the “double down arrow” button for a few seconds until the LED turns solid red. That button is located at the bottom of the clicker: (2) Press the 2 digit channel number. For lecture room A102, it is channel 01, and for room A118 it is channel 02. You must press first the “J/0” key and then either “A/1” or “B/2” (3) Hold the “double down arrow” button again for a few seconds, and the LED will flash green. This means you channel is set. It should remain set forever, unless the battery dies or something (like a book in your backpack) pushes the “double down arrow” button....
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