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PHYS 121-2-3 Illness Policy, 2011-12 The standard illness policy shall apply during the 2011-12 school year providing that no epidemic illness hits the university. Should an epidemic be announced, an Emergency Illness Policy will be published to replace this standard policy. STANDARD ILLNESS POLICY EXAMS- There are three regularly-scheduled midterm exams this quarter. Students who must miss an exam due to illness (or any other reason) shall receive a grade of Zero for that exam. However, the lowest midterm exam grade shall be dropped, and only the best two midterm exam scores shall be used to compute the “midterm exam score” applied to the final course grade. It is possible to arrange exams at a distant location with sufficient advance request (at least 10 days before the exam). This is typically used by students on university athletic teams when they must be out of town during a schedule exam. This requires that the student be able to provide an acceptable proctor to handle administration of the exam at a distant location at the regularly
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