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Supplemental Credit Eleven percent (11%) of your course grade comes from supplemental credit, which includes clicker points earned in class as well as points for online materials linked directly to the course home page through the “surveys” link, plus the PreLectures and Checkpoints on SmartPhysics. Lab pre-labs and tutorial pre-tests have nothing to do with this, but are counted in your lab and tutorial scores which DO affect your course grade as described in the syllabus. Clicker points will count roughly 3.8%, pre-lecture and checkpoints will count 6.0%, and my online surveys will count roughly 1.2% of your course grade. Clickers and Surveys: See link to Grading Allocation (notes at bottom of page in this link) SmartPhysics PreLectures and Checkpoints: See link to PreLectures/Checkpoints Notes About Surveys: General surveys : Always just completion is counted, not whether the answers are correct, and if you skip a few questions it is OK (as long as they are not marked “required”). Maximum points
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