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Things-to-Buy - Things to Buy PHYS 122 1 TEXT The textbook...

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Things to Buy - PHYS 122 1. TEXT: The textbook for this course (and for 121 and 123) is Tipler & Mosca, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, UW Custom Edition, 2008. Only Volume 2 is needed for this course (Volume 1 for PHYS 121 and both volumes for PHYS 123). The content of the UW Custom Edition is identical to that of the regular 6 th edition, Chapters 1 through 41. We will use Chapters 1-13 this quarter. There are many choices for acquiring a textbook. This textbook is available as a loose leaf binder (cheapest printed option), new or used “custom” paperback form at the University Bookstore. You can probably find the 6 th edition hardback through Amazon or other online vendors. Just be sure you have Chapters 1-41 if you plan to complete the three course sequence here at UW within the next year. The text is also available in an electronic version in at least two ways: the WebAssign homework comes with access to an essentially complete text version, keyed to individual homework assignments. You have to pay for this anyway
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