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ADMS 2500 Outline - School of Administrative Studies...

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1 School of Administrative Studies Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies York University Winter 2012 Course Outline – all sections AP/ADMS2500 3.0 Introduction to Financial Accounting Course website 03/Main.nsf/h_1EE12367BD714CE385257051006BF18E/59372f8c3722a6bb8525705100701043/?OpenD ocument Please note: If this link is broken you can access the course website by going through the Faculty of LAPS website and drilling down to the Winter 2012 Courses link in ADMS. Also please note that Section N is used as the course website for all sections. All course content resides on the Section N website. Students registered in other sections log into their own sections and then take the sidebar link for multi-section courses to be ported to Section N. After week one, you need to be registered and have a York Passport ID for site access. Term Section Course Type Day Time Location Catalogue # W N O R On Campus Internet On Campus Friday Any Thursday 11:30am–2:30pm Any 7 pm – 10 pm ACE-001 Home VH A U75B01 Z22K01 Q88D01 IMPORTANT NOTE 1 ADMS 2500 is one of the largest enrolment classes on campus (approximately 2,000 students per year) . This necessitates a very legalistic approach to course administration. This multi-page outline contains detailed guidance on every conceivable rule and regulation in the course. It represents a contract between you the student and the Course Director and there will be no deviations by either party from these rules. It is published in advance of the term and the rules are inviolate. There will be no exceptions to submission deadlines, term work requirements, exam dates and grade weighting. If you cannot abide by these rules (especially with respect to exam dates and submission deadlines) , take the course somewhere else under letter of permission. IMPORTANT NOTE 2 This course is unique at York in that there is a seamless interface between the on-campus and internet sections. Both have access to identical learning resources on a common website and in addition the on campus lectures are streamed for viewing on the Internet. This is mentioned because there is normally a long waiting list to get into ADMS 2500 and you need not be concerned that you will get an inferior learning experience in the Internet sections. The only important consideration is that home study takes a much higher level of self-discipline (maturity) to stay up-to-date. ACE -001 and VH A are very large lecture halls with dozens of extra seats so any students from Section O who wish to actually sit in on these classes are most welcome. Since exams/assignments/coverage are identical across all sections, you can migrate back and forth freely. A real benefit of having streamed lectures is that if you cannot make a particular class, there is always the comfort of having it viewable “on demand” from your website. IMPORTANT NOTE 3
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This note was uploaded on 01/19/2012 for the course ADMS 2500 taught by Professor Warner during the Spring '08 term at York University.

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ADMS 2500 Outline - School of Administrative Studies...

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