ADMS 2511 Outline

ADMS 2511 Outline - York University Faculty of Liberal Arts...

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Unformatted text preview: York University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Administrative Studies Fall 2011 COURSE: AP/ADMS2511 3.0 Section S Management Information Systems Scheduled Lectures: Thursday, 4-7 pm Location: ACE-003 REQUIRED COURSE TEXT / READINGS: Rainer,Cegielski,Splettstoesser-Hogeterp and Snchez-Rodrguez. 2011. Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business, Second Canadian Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. NOTES: (1) We are doing online quizzes using the WileyPlus software that comes with the text. This means that you will need to acquire a separate WileyPlus code (which includes an electronic copy of the text) if you purchase a used textbook. (2) The folio assignment and your weekly class participation assignments must be submitted via Turnitin.Com. This access will be set up automatically and will be accessible via our course web site. Any additional required reading materials will be posted on the course web site. Warning: Photocopying more than 10% of a textbook is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks or obtain these photocopies. Students are reminded of York University's policy regarding academic dishonesty as outlined in the York student calendars. WEIGHTING OF COURSE: Course WORK Description (See Also Class Web Site) Due Date Weight Weekly quiz Chapter and technology guide multiple choice quizzes. Best 8 of 10 quizzes will be counted. See weekly course outline. (Students will be locked out at 3:00pm the day of the lecture) 8% Class participation Hand in a one page solution (1/3 page for each case), single spaced, for the Class Participation Assignment. Best 7 of 9 will be counted. One (1) hour before the beginning of each class, starting with Session 2. Assignments are submitted using TURNITIN. (Students will be locked out at 3:00pm the day of the lecture) 7% Group Presentations The Class will make 10 groups, each group will make one presentation of the cases due that lecture Group work will be divided evenly and each group member will present their answer to the question of the cases due for that lecture .If both conditions are not met a Final Mark of ZERO will be given 5% Midterms (2) Friday February 3 rd 2012 at 3pm to 5:30 pm (Sessions 1-4) Sunday March 11, 2012 at 1:00pm 3:30pm (Sessions 1-8) For alternative midterm dates see the description of requirements below. Thursday February 16, 7pm Thursday March 22 at 7pm 20% 20% Final Cumulative: Covering Sessions 1 12 Deferred Exam date May 11-13 , 2012 with approved applications During Regular Examination Schedule 40% Total 100% Class Participation If the midterm examination is missed due to an illness, or other extenuating circumstance, the student may write the midterm at the alternative date with appropriate supporting documentation (Thursday February 16, 2012 @ 7:00pm for the first midterm and Thursday March 22, 2012 @ 7:00pm for the second midterm)....
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ADMS 2511 Outline - York University Faculty of Liberal Arts...

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