__005 - CLAROLINE 1.3.1 INSTALLATION Thank you for...

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**************************** CLAROLINE 1.3.1 INSTALLATION **************************** Thank you for downloading Claroline 1.3.1. This README will guide you through the basics of installation and operation of Claroline 1.3.1. Please ensure you read this fully BEFORE proceeding with the installation. - Requirements - Installation Procedure - New Claroline installation - Updgrade from previous Claroline version - Troubleshooting - Admin REQUIREMENTS ============ To install Claroline 1.3.0 on a server, whether locally or remotely, you need the following on the server: 1. A web server (We reccomend Apache, but other should work too), 2. PHP 4.x configured with the following modules : mysql, zlib, preg. Most of the PHP4 compiled distributions are provided with these modules. Anyway, their presence are checked by the Claroline install script. warning : users with PHP 4.2 and superior should set the parameter register_globals = on in the php.ini file of their server to claroline work properly. 3. The MySQL databases server plus a login/password allowing to administrate and create several databases (this means claroline 1.3.0 will probably not work if you are allowed by your host a single database on the server), 4. Web Write access to web directory where claroline has been moved
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__005 - CLAROLINE 1.3.1 INSTALLATION Thank you for...

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