Hist 207 01.19 - Mainland S.E Asia C 1450-1850 10:35:00 ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Mainland S.E. Asia, C. 1450-1850 19/01/2012 10:35:00 ← All of Europe and Asia had similar breakdown ← Starting about 1400s, well into the 19 th century, had a reverse process of integration getting to the mainland ← Many small kingdoms coalesced into larger and more powerful states ← By 1830, we had only 3 big survivors in the mainland ← 3 significant surviving states and cannibalized local cultures and coalesced into 3 overarching identities (Burmese, Siamese, Viets) ← Burma, Thailand (Siam) and Vietnam ← Lesser states and people were cannibalized and people were about to disappear ← Cambodia and Laos have been at the verge of extinction if France didn’t come for colonializtion ← Indianized states (Burmese and Siam) ← ← ← I. Patterns ← A. Territorial Integration – 35 little kingdoms merged into 3 big kingdoms (Burma, Siam and Viet) based on agricultural ← Big 3 in 1820 were so much larger than the small charter states ← Territorially inclusive ← KonBaung, Chakri, Nguyen ← B. Administrative Integration – become more centralized; why do they go hand in hand? ← If you have a high prince, and if he has quasi-high attributes ← Royal spies were placed throughout the provinces; royal army was enlarged in the center to quash rebellion ← The basic solar structure remains but the gravitational pull of the sun becomes much stronger; ties to the center is stronger and the authority of the center can be exercised ← ← C. Cultural Integration – outlined lowland peoples except the language and the dress and the hair style and the eating habits and the literature and the ethnicity of the dominant central group (local people agreed to become Burmese, Simese and Vietnamese) local languages disappear ← Ethnicity, language and culture becomes extremely localized ← Ethnicity is not god-given but were created in certain circumstances ← Early modern era – much more effective integration; transformation of charter ethnicity and diversity ←...
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Hist 207 01.19 - Mainland S.E Asia C 1450-1850 10:35:00 ←...

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