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Advertising Formats and Strategies Communication Studies 101 Advertising Formats: Product-information format : some heavy on text, illustration used primarily to visualize packaging and product; others use images to demonstrate the utilities of the product in new ways Product-image format : product is given special qualities by means of a symbolic relationship to more abstract and less pragmatic domain; product becomes embedded in a symbolic context Personalized format : direct relationship between the product and the human personality--involves social admiration, pride of ownership, satisfaction in consumption, and anxiety about lack of use. Lifestyle format : balances product, person and setting so product is seen within regular flow of life and everyday events--the setting serves as site for important
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Unformatted text preview: interpretations. Advertising strategies: Showcase the product and its qualities. Showcase how the product will make you feel. Showcase how you will feel if you DON'T use the product—or—how others will regard you if you DON'T use the product. Showcase the future self you will become when you use the product. Subordinate utilitarian aspects of the product. Ex: Change soap can clean, stove can cook--to symbolic qualities and values—soap makes you irresistible, stove beautifies your kitchen, turns you into a great cook. Feature people in the ads--experts, celebrities--who are exemplars of reigning social values, say of wealth, fame, discrimination, or "class." Suggest the product in the ad will bring mystical powers of control and enchantment....
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