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Michael Lynch Claire Niedzwiedzki ENGL 101 November 10, 2011 Drug trafficking was a very serious problem during the 1980’s. According to the Policy Almanac the violence of the pre-1980’s, “…. does not compare to the rampant violence of the 1980’s when the crack epidemic was at its worst” (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency). One dosage of crack could cost as little as $2.50, causing the drug to be easily obtainable. (Good beginning, liked the use of facts. It made me want to read the paper) Los Angeles became the center of cocaine coming into America, which is exactly where Boyz N the Hood takes place. The movie itself shows several real scenes of violence between police and gangs. The movie also does an excellent job of showing these effects on every day people. Boyz N the Hood helps illuminate the effects of the drug trade during the 1980’s. The movie constantly shows acts of gang violence, indiscriminate killing, and perfectly good and innocent people living in fear during their day-to- day life. The drug trade is the greatest cause of these gangs’ existence. A chance at easy money is usually too strong for people to choose hard work. People’s want for this easy money causes them to get involved with gangs, who often fight with other gangs just to eliminate competition. The gangs that trade these drugs exist in neighborhoods and kids are exposed to it at a young age. The exposed youths seldom have a father figure so these gangs eventually become the primary influence in their lives. Different aspects of life in the ghetto are shown
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through Tre, Doughboy, and Ricky. (Strong introduction paragraph, good explanation of the drug trade and its effect on gangs)
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enggggg - Michael Lynch Claire Niedzwiedzki ENGL 101...

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