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Debria Johnson September 19, 2011 English 101 As I look at the “On the Cover of Rolling Stone : Photo Montage 2006-2007”, I notice quite a few things. (Like how you started off the paper but I’m not sure if we can use first person) I notice that my favorite actor Johnny Depp is on one cover dressed as his well-known character, Jack Sparrow. I also notice the caricature of former president George W. Bush which exists solely for the purpose of making him look like an idiot. Next, my eyes gaze upon a pretty blonde in a sailor suit, and I then realize that that’s Christina Aguilera, renowned pop singer. Outrageous. Bad-boy. Rock star. Idiot. Those are just a few of the personas portrayed by men in the medley of Rolling Stone magazines. Sexy. Daring. Suggestive. (Creative how you used the short, one-word sentences. It adds emphasis to the point you’re making) These ideas envelop the few women who even appeared on the cover. Why is it that the men are labeled by their profession, or even personality, when the women are only grouped into one general attribute such as attractiveness? (Rhetorical Question!) By looking at each of the covers, can you see that Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Fergie are singers, and that Paula Abdul, former singer, is a television personality? Women’s unfair and over sexualized depiction in the photo montage prohibits the public’s view of their talents. (Good thesis and can definitely make a good argument with it) “American Idol” is a television show in which the talents of certain individuals are
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engli - Debria Johnson September 19, 2011 English 101 As I...

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