Dance Unit 3 Notes

Dance Unit 3 Notes - Dance in World Cultures World...

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Dance in World Cultures World Concert/Ritual Dance Primitive, Non-Western, and Ethnic Dance are old unacceptable names Some of the ritual dances can’t be performed in front of public b/c of its sacredness Folk dances are usually common to a community Ritual dances are passed down from generation to generation and performed Japan Dances are hundreds and thousands of years old When performed today the original music and movement is used Called “classical dance” Bugaku (created in 7 th century): only for the royal with Gagaku music; oldest regularly performed dance and musical performances; usually by 2-4 dances; male and female Noh (14 and 15 th centuries): several hundred plays and 240 are still performed today; combine dance, music, and acting; slow way the dance unfolds but is full of symbolism; spiritual with ideas of life and death; start training as children and aren’t professional til much older; 5 schools of Noh and must be born into Noh family to perform; all male dancers; stage-raised, wooden stage with a bridge way and 4 pillars with a pine tree on the backstage-symbolizes divinity Kabuki ((17 th century): derived from Noh and combines dance, music, and drama but is much more spectacular and elaborate; movement is quicker and acrobatic; train for life; only males perform but was started by a woman-Okuni Nigeria Usually dance on bare feet on earth, often flat-footed with shuffling steps; performed
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Dance Unit 3 Notes - Dance in World Cultures World...

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