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Psych 260 [EXAM 2 NOTES] Chapter 5 – Employee Training and Development Social learning theory – learning theory that emphasizes the observational learning of behavior Modeling – learning that occurs through the observation and imitation of the behavior of others Cognitive theories of learning – learning theories that emphasize that humans are information processors Key Issues in the Success of Training Programs o Transfer of training – concept dealing with whether training is actually applied in
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Unformatted text preview: the work setting o Trainee readiness – the individual’s potential for successful training\ o Training program structure Chapter 6 – Group Processes in Organizations • Norms – rules that groups adopt governing appropriate and inappropriate behavior for members o Established to help group survive o Facilitate group production o Increase the predictability of members’ behavior o Provide a sense of identity for the group by giving members a chance to express their shared values and beliefs...
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