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ENG.407 attendence sentences for email

ENG.407 attendence sentences for email - difference for...

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September 30 Before this I did not know what social entrepreneurship was. Different students gave their opinions on what it was but what Wei Wei Hsing said was very good. I never realized that the difference is basically in that financial gain was not the goal but the social impact was and finances are used in as a means to an end. Previous to this I thought it was simply an aspect of entrepreneurship that dealt with companies that had a product that impacted the world in a “social” way. What impacted me the most about Nicole Orillac’s talk was when she spoke on her decision to leave her job and basically start over. Choosing to leave a well paying job in Panama and change career paths to something completely different in order to make a
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Unformatted text preview: difference for others takes courage which is needed in achieving entrepreneurial goals. It was encouraging to hear her speak about that. October 21 What stuck out to me the most about the talk with Ali Gordon and Carlos Valdes was their enthusiasm about their idea. They were very sure in that they wanted to pursue a dream in which the success was not guaranteed. I also learned that you should commit to whatever idea you have at the time so that way you can see how far it can actually go. Otherwise you will leave yourself guessing and wondering about what could have happened. Also be aware that things take time and you should surround yourself with those who have different strengths than yourself....
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