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Oral Presentation Guidelines: A. We created a bond with our host families; learned about seatbelt safety and child a. We brought awareness to the local community through newspaper and b. Expose them to a new culture; got to see a different c. Surprised by our diverse our group was; now they don’t have a simple one stereotype. B. a. Able to communicate, body language, pick up of difference nuisance, without offending. Being able to adapt but not assimilate. b. Present purpose, speak to people in and informative, concise an. How to deal with uncomfortable situations. Learning how to state opinion. Express emotion. Learning how to adapt to meal times. Learning manners, adapting to customs. c. Globalized world. Different opinions, have to ability to relate to others on a personal level. Transitive knowledge. d. Smile and nod, depends situation; Ask questions from our host family, talking to each other, and relate going through the same situation. Asking the host family about the situation. WE got immune and were not affected. Depended on each
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