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GIEU China Blog Entry - Joe Lipsey III GUESS WHAT HAPPENED...

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Joe Lipsey III GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ON SATURDAY: Saturday turned out to be one of the longest days of my life, no exaggeration. But this was a day that forced me to be calm, and trust others. Friday night I had a stomachache, and by Saturday morning my body felt horrible. It was hard to drink water, let alone eat anything. My body was flushing everything out of my system, which made me feel very weak and nauseous. Jingwen took me to the best hospital in Tianjin but I did not know what to expect. Several thoughts were running through my mind about the doctors, the medicine, the hospital bill, what was going on with my body, how long I would feel sick, and many others. Luckily the doctor spoke English so it was easy to understand what was going on. But it was uncomfortable to get my own stool sample, especially since the bathrooms were very unsanitary, were squat-style and smelled bad. The test results said I was positive for a bacteria infection. In a way this relieved me and let me know the pain I was going through was for a much more serious reason than just lack of water. Up until that point I felt I had done a pretty good job of staying hydrated seeing as the day before I drank countless bottles of water. While sitting in the doctors
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GIEU China Blog Entry - Joe Lipsey III GUESS WHAT HAPPENED...

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