GIEU Journal, China 2011

GIEU Journal, China 2011 - GIEU Journal, CHINA 2011 Day 1,...

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GIEU Journal, CHINA 2011 Day 1, July 10 - This day was a long day of traveling that actually started the day before. July 9 th I remember getting dropped off by my mother and Godmother at the Detroit airport just a couple hours before the plane was to depart. As I walked through the airport after checking in I soon noticed the mass majority of my GIEU Team sitting at the gate our plane was at. I became excited immediately after laying eyes on them. We all laughed and talked about the fast approaching plane ride. The ride was not too bad I must say. It was very long to be on a plane, 13.5 hours, but it was not as bad as I thought it could have been. Sitting next to two older women who had been to Tianjin, China before was reassuring. They gave me tips on what to do and what not to do through the airline process. I didn’t get much sleep at all which was one of the downsides, but we were fed three meals, which was one of the better aspects. It was weird traveling for so long, leaving at night, and passing through daylight and back to night again all in one flight. Once we landed I was eager to meet up with Jingwen, our team leader, as well as the other two members of our team who flew in earlier that day. Again, after seeing Jingwen my excitement grew. We all hopped on a bus to travel 2 hours to Tianjin where we stayed at (Super) Motel 168. The motel was nice, the rooms were small and the beds were very low to the ground; probably the smallest beds I’ve seen in a motel before. By the time I hit the bed for sleep it was about 4 something in the morning, but for the first time I started to realize that this was actually happening. Day 2, July 11 - After only having about an hours worth of sleep my roommate and myself went downstairs to experience our first Chinese breakfast. I did not know what to expect but I found it to be somewhat similar to American breakfast in terms of the types of foods one might see. They had boiled eggs, watermelon, bread and jam, some type of sausage and rice soup similar to grits. However there were many traditional Chinese dishes as well. Later on we all went to Xinhua High School where we met our partners and had lunch with them there as well. After eating we all went back to the motel to get our luggage and from there we split ways, leaving with our partners in taxis to their homes. At first I was not sure what to think about leaving alone with our partners without knowing where we were going and how things would go with their families on our own. But I decided to soak it in and go with the flow. Everything has turned out just fine so far.
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GIEU Journal, China 2011 - GIEU Journal, CHINA 2011 Day 1,...

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