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GIEU Reflection 10 - Joe Lipsey III GIEU Reflection 10 I...

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Joe Lipsey III GIEU Reflection 10 I don’t think this happened very often, but there were times when I disagreed with some of the customs or views of others. Most of the time they were not very big issues and because of that I do not remember many of these differences. But I can remember disagreeing with China’s view on public health. By experiencing the restrooms and restaurants myself I was able to gain an opinion on some of the consistencies I saw. The cleanliness of the restrooms was definitely a big issue and I disagreed with the way the government was handling or not handling this issue. It seemed to be something that slipped under the radar but from my perspective it was a very big issue. They primarily use squatters opposed to western toilets. Though there are good things associated with using squatters, health wise, there are also negative things. Most of the time we would not see clean squat areas, as they may be harder to clean or keep clean.
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