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Joe Lipsey III GIEU Retreat 11 Throughout the trip there were different times when I remembered that identity groups existed, mainly through different situations that took place. Before we left for China I thought about what would happen while we were there in terms of how others would treat us. I never really thought of being an American as an identity group until I noticed the amount of hospitality that was shown towards us from many Chinese people outside of our host families. Being American was looked at as interesting and was spoken of in a positive way from those I spoke with while there. Although there were certain stereotypes that were expressed towards us such as American women being thin with blonde hair, in general, and Americans having much more free time and not as educationally inclined as many students in China. The fact that we were American gave us privilege while there and I believe me being a male also gave me some type of privilege but I cannot think of any situations that definitively show that
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