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GIEU Reflection 12 - is in fact a very peaceful place to be...

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Joe Lipsey III GIEU Reflection 12 Complete the following sentences. Your answers may be a long or as short as you wish, but they should reflect careful thought. I know I have changed as a result of my experience because... I now feel much more open to differences between others and myself. Before visiting my field site I felt I was an open person, which was true. But now I realize how little I understood which put a cap on the level of openness I had. Now that I am much more aware of the differences that exist I am much more open than what I’ve ever been. My friends seem to understand... that Chinese people are different to say the least. Some of them believe that the stereotypes such as Asians being very strict and the country being very rigid are true. But they do not understand... that China is very similar to America and the people there are very similar to us here in America. Though there are many cultural differences China
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Unformatted text preview: is in fact a very peaceful place to be. • My return to the familiar would be better if ... it came just a few days later. I really enjoyed myself in there. • Now that I am home, I worry about ... nothing. I feel much more understanding of others and my environment so I am not worried about anything. • The one thing I know I have learned about myself is. .. that I like being in different environments while learning. Basically saying that I find it easier to learn about something while experiencing it at the same time. I wish I could explain to my family and friends. . How much I really appreciate going to China and the experience that I had as well as all the things I learned. There are so many different stories that I have, many of them being insightful and thought provoking which cause me to evaluate myself and who I am as a person....
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