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Joe Lipsey III GIEU Reflection 13 As described cosmopolitism, I believe, requires one to be loyal to not only your immediate culture but to all of humanity that exists. This is to say that we all are responsible for each other within this world. Not to say that you cannot be loyal to your native culture and way of life, but keeping in mind that your actions have an impact on others far beyond your local confines. As you realize that with the way things are today with the economy and the ability to reach others far beyond your own town, city, state, or country you begin to notice that many goods you purchase are not made in your own country. The selling of goods serves as another example of responsibility and actions having an affect on others. This could be seen in Kumasi and how people who were not all of the same nationality or ethnicity or even race owned different shops. Not only the shops but also other locals were of different backgrounds as well such as the Hungarian artist and the Irish doctor.
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