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GIEU Team Meeting 1 - -Must Get a Visa as well as a...

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GIEU Team Meeting 1 (2/3/2011) Chinese New Year Celebration started today. July 10 – July 22 (Tianjin) - Host: Xinhua High School - Homestay July 23 – August 6 (Beijing) - Host: Tsinghua University - Student dorm/hostel Weekday: - Observation site, daycare center, automotive company, driving school, ect. Weekend: - Culture trip Purchase Airline Ticket in March/April. Cell Phone - get phone your phone unlocked, get a Chinese Sim Card there and put it in your phone to use there. Should be NO charge for it to be unlocked. - Get a cheap cell phone in China to use. - Get a calling card to use for calls to the U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: -Must Get a Visa as well as a Passport. Since 2009: China has become the worlds largest auto market. 100,000 ppl die yearly from car accidents in China, there are no child seat regulations. Assignment:- Send schedule for this semester.- select 5 places of interest in Beijing and Tianjin that you are most interested, and explain why briefly.- Make a 5-10 question survey on the attitude of seatbelt and child seat use for Chinese.- List 10 words/phrases/sentences that you want learn the most in Chinese.- Due in TWO WEEKS from Today....
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