GIEU UC275 Reflection 5

GIEU UC275 Reflection 5 - Joe Lipsey III 3/22/2011 UC 275...

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Joe Lipsey III 3/22/2011 UC 275 Reflection 5 I have to say the GIEU retreat was a very positive experience and actually turned out to have its fun aspects. Going into it I did not know what to expect let alone expect much in terms of learning anything knew. I figured we would do a lot of talking, which we did, and do a lot of group activities with each other. However throughout the course of the retreat I found myself noticing the gravity of the experience we are all about to have and the importance of being able to work with and communicate with your group members. Also, filling out the forms with our partner that described who we were and how we viewed ourselves was somewhat difficult at times; particularly the questions about ethnicity and economic class. This part of the retreat showed me how much I had not thought about myself in terms of culture and who I was from the point of view of others. So, I find it hard to describe my culture for some reason. Though I do claim to be a part African American culture, describing it is not very easy for me. I would say it is a culture supported by soulful music, and soulful food. Like many cultures recipes for many food dishes are passed down through generations, as well as stories of family
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GIEU UC275 Reflection 5 - Joe Lipsey III 3/22/2011 UC 275...

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