UC 275 Reflection 6 - Joe Lipsey III 3/28/2011 UC 275...

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Joe Lipsey III 3/28/2011 UC 275 Reflection 6 Changing your frame of reference can be very difficult. Some may believe it is impossible, I for one believe it can be achieved. To do so one must be willing to change what they have been taught for years on end and this is not an easy task. Even the slightest deviation or attack of ones belief can be taken as offensive or rude; thus making it tough to accept another opinion as possibly valid. Aside from being willing I believe one must also accept the fact that they may not and most likely do not know everything and everything they believe is not the only correct way. They must also let go of the notion that all the information they have is correct to begin with. Again this is very hard to accept for a lot of people. In order to accept, a certain mental posture must be taken which is that of a humble learner. You must be willing to learn and change or alter any beliefs you have or even add to the beliefs you have. One of the reasons I believe it is so hard to take on a different set of beliefs as valid or even acknowledge that what someone else believes is ok, is due to the attachment we
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UC 275 Reflection 6 - Joe Lipsey III 3/28/2011 UC 275...

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