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Modern Civil Rights Movement (1953/54 – 1968). Some say it starts with Brown vs. Board of Edu . Or in 1948 ( President Truman desegregates the Armed Forces, signs an Executive Order). Or in 1941 ( Franklin Roosevelt – only president to be elected to a 3 rd term of office, A. Phillip Randolph – viewed as the civil rights voice for the Negros. He was considered “the most dangerous negro in America” – FBI designated him that way. He was very charismatic, stood tall (6 foot), great speaker. - He wanted another E.O. signed that desegregates defense industries (privately owned industry that produces what is needed for the nations defense) . Otherwise they would march in Washington. 8802 – EO that ends segregation in defense industries. - His concern was due to the “Negros” not getting jobs but having to defend the country. - Willow Run (located between Ypsilanti and Belleville Michigan)(during WWII – most productive bomber plant in the world) had the nations largest factory under one roof. It produced jet planes and bomber planes. The WWII creates in the blacks a Rising Tide of Expectations . - The blacks are expecting more (Felt they were entitled to more) when they return from the War because of what they have done for the country. 1957 – C.R.A. (Civil Rights Act) 1964 – C.R.A. 1961 – I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission) - In 1961 the I.C.C. says we will issue a ruling that bans segregation (no more colored waiting rooms and restrooms and white restrooms, etc.) - Private Buses (Greyhounds, etc.) “Freedom Riders” – Young people (black and white, several ages) who wanted to assist in the civil rights cause. EX: board bus in Detroit and ride to Alabama to see if the desegregation laws are being implemented. - Anniston, Alabama: bus is bombed, people there to fight those who get off. Clansmen get on bus (made agreement with local authority to get 10 minutes to get on bus and fight). - Walter Bergstron (Wayne State Univ. Prof., beaten – sustained brain trauma). 1964 CRA – Major Civil Rights breakthrough. - In 1963 people in Washington, had a specific legislative goal to put pressure on Congress to pass a major comprehensive civil rights act – which gets passed: - Desegregation of “Public Accommodations” (Theatres, hotels, etc.) - “Title Seven” Civil Rights act – Employment, illegal to discriminate on the bases of race of the hiring and promoting of individuals. 1968 – Banning Segregation in Housing. SN: Arsenal – weapons. Some say the past few acts (1954-68) were a part of the legal arsenal to fight within the civil rights. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.
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CAAS 201 5.9.2011 - CAAS 201 5.9.2011 Modern Civil Rights...

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