CAAS 201 5.23.2011 - CAAS 201 5.23.2011 Obama Speech...

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CAAS 201 5.23.2011 Obama Speech (watch) - He placed the issue of Arab Spring in a larger context. - Issue (one he’s speaking of) since 1948, dominated global dynamics. Brown v. Board - Constitutional backdrop (1787) - How is Brown case seeking to address the unresolved issues of slavery and segregation in American life? - Dred Scott (1865 -1867) (Plessy) (Plessy to Brown) (Brown) The unresolved Arab Israeli Conflict. SN: December of 1955 (Brown II – essentially its Brown v. Board and all other cases) Southern Manifesto: - communist manifesto (Carl Marx – author) - 1969: the Black Manifesto : We believe that America’s problem will not be resolved until reparations are paid to Af.Am. and we are coming to churches of White America first to make that demand. - They began to enter churches unannounced. And began to make those demands. - Charles Thomas (dred locks, dark skinned. Wore military fatigues often, often viewed as an angry black man) spoke at First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor. - Court gives time frame: with all deliberate speed. Modern Civil Rights Movement (possible dates) (1954-1968) A nation being on “war footing” – all signs pointing to a war breaking out eventually. Jim Crow very wide spread through Ann Arbor (by 1940 still no AF.AM prof.) - Albert Wheeler : the first was a prof of microbiology, he was first to be tenured, and becomes the first Black mayor of Ann Arbor. -
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CAAS 201 5.23.2011 - CAAS 201 5.23.2011 Obama Speech...

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