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CAAS 201 5.25.2011 - was rumored to be taken from this...

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CAAS 201 5.25.2011 Go further into the Emancipation Proclamation . Focus of Memorial Day : To honor individuals who have served or died in service to the country. - The issue of African Americans in service (Army, etc.) for the country. - Great senator of Kentucky: Henry Clay (Antebellum) – Muhammad Ali’s name
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Unformatted text preview: was rumored to be taken from this family’s name. Poems (By Paul Lawrence Dunbar ): 1) The Colored Troops 2) When They ‘Listed (enlisted) Colored Soljirs(Soldiers) and My Leis (elies) went to Wah (war). Q: Should black men be permitted to fight in war? SN: Buffalo Soldiers ....
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