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CAAS 201 6.6.2011 WWI - The assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand , Sarajevo, along w/other events, starts WWI (1914-1917) - Af.Am serve in that war in a segregated army. - 1885-1915, Af.AM are under assault in many ways, 3000 lynchings over 30 years (Avg. of 100 per year). So every 3 or so days someone was lynched. - SN: Harlem Renaissance, “nescent” – new/at birth. “Renescent” – reborn. - WWII (1941-1945) Arcadia Publishers – books that look at local histories. YMCA/YWCA (Youth Men/Women Christian Center) – used as hotels (boarding houses), sport activities and gatherings. - People, who needed a room, sometimes passing through town, could get a room. - Non-governmental. - Often paralleled to community centers. - SN: Michigan Union (opened in 1919). - Blacks could not go into the YMCA but had to go to the “Colored” YMCA. - Many times the YMCA would be associated/referred to by the street it was on. (9 th Street YMCA in Ohio) - It was a part of the “civic fabric” of a community. - Were created before there was much federal funding (programs to funnel money to cities, etc.). Stimulus Dollars (understand this). - SN: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (AR&RA, green sign w/white boarder after new project has been completed. -
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CAAS 201 6.6.2011 - CAAS 201 6.6.2011 WWI - The...

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