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RC312 5.5.2011 All soldiers are Slovak’s. Some of the people are opposed to the conservative Slovak govt. and are trying/willing to help the Jews in their town. They called these people “White Jews” – its translated in the film as “Jew Lover”. (Black and white film – used on purpose). Office Hours: Prof: Fri. 10-12pm, rm: 3040 MLB, Renee’s: Thu 12- 2pm same floor of MLB. (tomorrow hers will be Friday instead of Thursday. Citing: You don’t have to cite things from the actual film. - After the quote and before the period, in parentheses write the name of the author, comma, and a page number. At the end of the paper list the actual source (refer to Unit Bibliography page). Movie: - There is a theme of entrapment. From the beginning shot of the prisoners circling
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Unformatted text preview: the yard to the larger view of the towns people circling the town that seems to be closed in. -Essenc (name of dog) means hard liquor. ABSTRACT Category : The dog pees on a small monument during the scene that Tono is skeptical of the monument being built in the town. (There are some other ABSTRACT signs with Essenc. -Kuchar, Piti, Mr. and Mrs. Andric, Balko, Geza were resistant to the Nazi agenda. -Slovaks were the biggest collaborators yet had some of the biggest resisters. -Markus: ABSTRACT Category: When his face is blurred it is a metaphor for him not being the person he appears to be. (2) The same thing happens to Tono when he receives the cigarette case from Markus and looks in the mirror of it and his face is distorted. Reading for today:...
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