RC312 5.24.2011 - relationships Using Daisies talk about...

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RC312 5.24.2011 DAISIES - The two women talk about how the world is awful in the beginning of the movie. As the movie progresses they act worse and worse. - Masculinity of the bombing/mechanical scene pics. - The women were portraying a stereotypical masculine role. - The girls decide to act spoiled with their dates with older men. - The apple tree scene is likened to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The scene before showed them saying they wanted to be bad. RC312 5.26.2011 Paper topics: 1) Start with what policies were (use readings). Were the patterns changed or still evident (possible in order by workplace or within families). 2) The adlibbed seens in the one with the parent seen… machavea – how he cuts between things (making machines look like their having sex, gleaming faces and the cut to the bar) Daisies (a lot of diff things happening). 3) Whether or not the women except the patriot type of role she is suppose to play in
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Unformatted text preview: relationships. Using Daisies talk about the creators of the film and there perspective, not really the characters. RC312 5.31.2011 Velia: impersonates his brother and joins the army. Made while war still going on, towards the end. Serbs/Bosnian Serbs being blamed for most of violence. The thumb, that was bloody, going up and down is a Euro meaning for F-you (like the middle finger for America). Slova made profits on the loot being taken then sold to the locals during the war. Muslims/Terks RC312 6.2.2011-Bosnian – more Gorilla, Serbs – more organized. -The Republica-serbs and bosnians use to be a part of the same army, before they split off claiming to be different countries. -The UN press interested in getting good coverage.-The political regimes they were fighting for had a different agenda then they did. (General case)-Nino (Serb) Tiki/Cheeki(Bosnian)...
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RC312 5.24.2011 - relationships Using Daisies talk about...

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