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RC312 6.7.2011 - And were business partners-No flash back...

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RC312 6.7.2011 Awkward Age (movie) – Puberty - Film took place in Bosnia. - None of the kids refer to their ethnicity. Not a big deal. - Kids in the movies were playing other ethnicities. - When the kids talked about each other in the interviews they referred to them using their character names, not their real names. - Bosnian Muslims often had Arabic names. - None of the kids thought the war would last long (not the 3 years it). - They thought it was a battle between politicians. - Sevena’s family is Bosnian/Muslim Pretty Village Pretty Flame - The two main characters are Bosnians, childhood friends and as they grew up.
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Unformatted text preview: And were business partners.-No flash back for Milan or Halil (2 main characters). RC312 6.9.2011 Movie…-Part 2 has most of the beginning of the movie.-When Alex comes back to the building they work at (public relations building). -Most of Part 2 are a flash back. -Kiril is Alex’s nephew. He calls Alex (last part of the movie).-Who killed Bojan.-Grandfather is mad the girl hangs around the pastures. -Albanians: “God rest his soul” in Arabic (Albanians would say it in the language of the corron). -“harvest” – wedding.-Zamir could be Alex daughter....
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