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RC312 6.14.2011 - -Works for Akmed-Dream with ancient gas...

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RC312 6.14.2011 Roma Values - To be free, to not be restricted. (ex: man w/umbrella talking) - On one hand they talk to God but they look at God as not powerful enough to handle their lifestyle. - Known for being bargainers. - Premarital sex is not bad. Kind of like if your old enough to think about doing it then your old enough to do it. - Emotions (highs (ecstasy) and lows (despair)). SN: the soundtrack topic only needs 3 films instead of 4. - Time of the Gypsies has 3 main melodic themes, all of them are repeated. They link certain scenes with others. - The repeat of the song may bring back emotions from the first time they were played. - Pehran’s Theme (at the beginning, after he attempts suicide, etc.) - Pehran’s theme (plucked on a string brings a spiritual/supernatural quality to it). - Theme song – Ederlezy, played during his dream/or transition to other scene with the turkey. - At first the boy is repulsed by what’s going on. - They torture him by putting powdered peppers in his pants.
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Unformatted text preview: -Works for Akmed. -Dream with ancient gas pump. -When he comes home he finds Azra pregnant. -His whole point of getting rich was to marry Azra.-At first he doesn’t believe her baby is his. But it is. -Gets justice for the kids that they took. -Finds his sister 3 years later. RC312 6.16.2011 Feather Gatherers MOVIE-They switched languages in the cab when the cab driver (Serb) spoke to them in his language.-The kiss they have is accepted, she jokingly resists. -Bargaining is a Value. -Sex and sensuality and smoking is for everyone.-They express emotions strongly. Cultural Values topic:-Need to use the readings and compare them to what is in the films.-You can bring up both values and stereotypes. -“Before the Rain” – two ethnicities in Macedonia. Alex and Kedil are Macedonians. -When Kedil leaves, the priest says to forgive him (opposite). Violence Topic: - No animosity before the politics propaganda started it....
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RC312 6.14.2011 - -Works for Akmed-Dream with ancient gas...

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