Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Pleiotropic effects are one of the...

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2/04/08 Pleiotropic effects are one of the many reasons not to release transgenic organisms into the environment. Toxic pollen from widely planted, etc. Corn that has insecticide for killing lepitodra larvae, will kill all in the environment. Provided that they eat all of the corn. Supposedly, this does not harm humans, but there is no requirement for testing genetic food. Monarch caterpillars on a milkweed leaf dusted with pollen. There is no required testing for genetically modified organisms used as food. Polygenic traits are traits that are controlled by more than one locus. More common. Complementation testing: **** Very important skill Complementation is when you mate two mutants evaluate offspring. Yeast have a helpful biological property. Mate two haploids to grow a diploid colony and observe phenotypes before they undergo meiosis. In this case, when we mate two mutants, we get a mutant. Two mutations have failed to complement and therefore, we know the two mutations are at the same locus. Therefore they are alleles of one another. When you mate two mutants and get a wild type, the two mutations complement one another. ***** This result means 1)
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Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Pleiotropic effects are one of the...

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