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P201: 1.25.2011 Binary : Another way of writing a number. Works in powers of 2. Only has 2 digits (0,1) 0- off, 1- On. Converting from Binary to decimal: Ex: 239 Status Bites and Data Bites: Status Bites: Tells you what kind of message it is. Data Bites: Give you the note number and velocity. Most Significant Bit: Bit that corresponds to the most significant power of 2. 1 = Most significant bit Channel Messages and
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Unformatted text preview: System Messages Channel Messages: ( Channel Voice and Channel Mode ) Voice : What to play and how to play it (note on/off, panning, volume) Mode : How many and what channels. Provide some utility functions.-MIDI Panic Button: All Notes OFF (its on the MIDI Express)-Local Control System Messages :-MIDI Clock-System Exclusive-Universal System Exclusive (MIDI Time Code) (MIDI Show Control)...
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