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P201 (2/10/2011) Sound : mechanical energy (longitudinal wave). (with sound your pushing air back and forth). Sound Wave : Periodic wave form: (Have focused pitch) (repeating pattern). Smallest part of the pattern that repeats is called 1 Cycle. Frequency : # of cycles per sec. (cps) cycles/sec (frequency is the INVERSE of Period. Period : Time it takes for 1 cycle to elapse, sec/cycle, Period is the INVERSE of frequency. Wave length: speed of sound/freq. Can use Google Calculator for test or bring your own.
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Unformatted text preview: Wave forms: Constructive Interference : (waves that line up with each other perfectly (IN PHASE)(peak and peak match up) sum together to make louder sound. Destructive Interference : (OUT OF PHASE). Two waves that sound together but they do not match (peak and truff line up) Harmonic : Whole number multiples of a given fundamental. GOOGLE CALCULATOR: type math problem into SEARCH Engine and click enter for the answer....
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