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P201 3.31.2011 - 1964”Voltage – controlled Electronic...

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P201 3.31.2011 Analog Synthesizers, (ES1, ES2 in Logic) Transistors replaced vacuum tubes. (RCA Mark 1=one of first synthesizers). - Idea of voltage control & modular design. (by Harald Bode – AES (Audio Engineering Society) 1961) - Bob Moog-Electrical engineer met Herbert Deutsch-Composer. - There working together resulted in a paper presented at the AES
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Unformatted text preview: 1964”Voltage – controlled Electronic Music”. Signal Generators: Osallators – periodic waveform Noise generators – white and pink noise Signal Modifiers: Amplifier Filter HP, LP, BP, BR Control Sources: Envelope Generators Keyboard Joystick Ribbon slider Additional: Mixer Multiplier Filters (Band Pass and Band Reject):...
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  • Winter '11
  • ProfessorJennifer
  • Vacuum tube, Oscilloscope, Band-pass filter, Audio Engineering Society, Harald Bode, Bob Moog-Electrical engineer

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